Lemon & Beaker offers a range of premium, crafted formulas that combine essential oils and natural ingredients that cleanse, soothe and restore the skin.


We believe that nature can have remarkable and rejuvenating effects on the skin. And with the help of science, we have developed products that are enriched with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants from some of New Zealand’s best ingredients.

We are currently stocked at Unichem and Life Phamacies. Click here to find one near you.

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Our entire skincare range is developed in Auckland and produced in New Zealand. All our ingredients are sourced from this beautiful land we call ‘home’.


Lemon & Beaker is committed to making natural skincare products, using real ingredients from fruits, plants and botanicals which gives our products a rich and natural aroma, colour and texture.

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For best results from natural skincare, choose the Lemon & Beaker skincare range.

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New Zealand

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Natural skincare


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